Speakers September 23rd 2022

Ulrika Lindstrand

Ulrika Lindstrand

President. Association of Swedish engineers

margrethe vestager marianne andersen roboinsights

Margrethe vestager

Executive Vice-President of the European Commission for a Europe fit for the Digital Age (Competition)

Mia Dand

Mia dand

CEO, Founder


cristina anderson High 5 Girls

cristina andersson

CEO. Develor

Sara Lopez

Sara Lopez

CEO. FOunder. Yuman

Michael Birkebæk

Michael Birkebæk Jensen

Partner. NewTech. KPMG

RoboInsights Kenneth Larsen

Kenneth Larsen

CEO. Founder. Keystones

Ulrik Max Nielsen

Ulrik Max Nielsen

Founder. Plan2Fly

Inesa Podgaiska

IneSE podgaiska

secretary general. association of nordic engineers

Michael Harboe roboinsights robots ai

Michael Harboe

CEO. Virsabi

Lazaros Nalpantidis

Lazaros Nalpantidis

Professor Autonomous Ststems. DTU. Head of Group

GS Farzad Saber

Farzad Saber

CBDO and Chairman of the board at O2matic ApS


Mette Meltinis


Marianne Andersen Roboinsights

Marianne Andersen

Founder RoboInsights

Roboinsights Ole Ravn

Ole Ravn

Head of Automation and Control, Professor in Intelligent Robotics at Technical University of Denmark

Katrine Bay2

Kathrine Bay

Artificial intelligence and Data Science student DTU. Rolemodel at High5Girls


Gabriella Angela Morote 

Human centered artificial intelligence student DTU. Rolemodel at High5girls

_roberto galeazzi RoboInsights

Roberto Galeazzi

Head of centre of autonomous Systems at dtu

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