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Robotics and AI. From Research to Society – 2022

15. September 2021 - 9:00 - 23:59

Free – DKK350

Robotics, Automation and AI

September 15 2021

We follow the guidelines given by authorities regarding Covid 19. We plan to be max 100 persons on site.

SEptember 15th 2021 - Robotics and AI. From Research to Society

9.00 - 9.10

Welcome. President DTU Anders Bjarklev

9.10 - 9.40

Professor Roberto Galeazzi. Can we trust autonomous systems?

Automation – the big picture. Living in the digital age we may be attracted to the edea of using autonomous systems in our personal or business life in near future, for example for transportation or monitoring. Such potential adoption should raise legit interest regarding the ability of such systems to withstand disruptive events, which could result in harmful outcomes for the humans in close proximity. In practice we need autonomous systems to be resilient-by-design and able to safely operate although natural or man-made causes have reduced their functionalities. The talk will explain the concept of resilience and how this should apply to autonomous systems. Moreover it will present a study case in the contest of the autonomous ship. 

9.40 - 10.30

Professor Gina rippon. Our sex determines our skills and preferences?

We live in a genered world where we are bombarded with messages about sex and gender. On a daily basis we face deeply ingrained beliefs that your sex determines your skills and preferences, from toys to career choice. But what does this constant gendering mean for our thoughts, decisions and behaviour? And what does it mean for our brains? Drawing on her work as a professor of cognitive neuroimaging, Gina Rippon unpacks the stereotypes that bombard us all the times and shows how these messages mould our ideas of ourselves and even shape our brains. By exploring new, cutting-edge neuroscience, Gina Rippon urges us to move beyond a binary view of our brains and instead to see these complex organs as highly individualised profoundly adaptable, and full of unbounded potential.

Because of Covid 19 Professor Gina Rippon will participate virtually.

10.30 - 10.55


5 startups at any level: from early development to growth stage

Coalescent Mobile Robotics. CEO Clionadh Martin 

Meili Robots. CEO Aldus von der Burg

Airawises airaimpact Cristina Andersson

Naust Robotics Aps. Co-founder & CEO Balázs Megyeri

Zense Tech. COO Magdalena Paul


10.55 - 11.30

Coffee/ tea

11.30 - 12.00

CEo clionadH MARTIN. LEAD UX RESEARCHER Moira Mastrone. Coalescent MOBILE ROBOTSics

We live in a world where robots can be found everywhere, but they are still new in the retail market. Companies are developing robots which supports workers in their daily tasks. How to make an integration between retail market and robotics possible.

12.00 - 12.30

CEO Develor. Cristina andersson. Robotics in healthcare. Finland

Cristina Andersson will share the Finnish experience and how Finland is Taking a Leap in Welfare with the Help of AiRo. The Finnish National AiRo Program for Welfare is a strategic program that aims for sustainable and ethical implementation of artificial intelligence and robotics in the healthcare and social sectors. Together with the National AI 4.0 program Finland also aims to support health tech and other companies to enable digital and sustainable transition and nature smart strategies. 

Also read the blog under NEWS by Cristina Andersson.

12.30 - 13.30


13.30 - 14.00

CTO Odico. ASBJØRN SØNDERGAARD. Construction industry revolution.

Odico® is a pioneer in robotics and digital manufacturing. Their mission is to transform the global construction industry. Odico® is a pioneer within robot technology and digital construction. Their mission is to transform the global  construction industry. Odico use technology to increase the effectivity and increase the innovative potential of the industry. Odico is involved in several research and development projects. Odico consists of architects and engineers and they work with internationally leading expertise within robotics and digital construction. 

14.00 - 14.45

Vice president. Dan Kara. Where are we now, where are we going?

By any measure, the robotics industry is ecpanding dramatically. This growth can be quantified in terms of increased sales and installations, along with the development of wholly new applicalions and businesses enabled by robotics technologies. But the term “robotics” can describe a wide swath of technologies, applications, markets, and even industries. This makes understanding robotics in toto problematic. Ongoing, rapid technological churn only makes the process more difficult ( hype also abounds).
The purpose of this session is to describe the worldwide robotics sector as it stands today, while highlighting future opportunities in a way that informs decision making and reduces risk. Attendees of this session will be provided with a taxonomic framework describing the various classes of robotics sectors. Market sizing data for many of the most exciting new markets will be provided for many sectors. 
Business, technology and social issues driving these sectors will be discussed ( the Internet of Things, machine learning, clous computing, for example), along with descriptions of recent innovations that will further accelerate the proliferation of robotics technology into the home, the workplace and public placan.

Because of Covid 19 VP Dan Kara will participate virtually.

14.45 - 15.00

Coffee/ Tea in exhibition area

15.00 - 15.30

SEcretary General at Association of Nordic Engineers. Inese Podgaiska. Addressing ethical dilemmas in AI

Listening to engineers. The major responsibility of engineers is to promote positive outcomes for society and to limit harm, but as our world rapidly changes, what constitutes a positive outcome and what could potentially cause harm becomes harder to recognize. The problems that engineers face and the responsibilities they must take on in working with AI are not fully addressed in current guidelines and standards, nor does the ethical framework exist to help engineers to navigate. The talk on addressing ethical dilemmas in AI gives an insight into the Association of Nordic Engineers´ work on protecting engineers´rights and on empowering them to become ambassadors for the responsible develppment of AI. It walks you through critical concerns and existing gaps in the current approach to AI & ethics identified by engineers. Through the set of recommendations, the concepts of distributed responsibility and nodes of certainty are introduced in this talk.

15.30 - 15.50

Director of Robotics, Distinguished Professor at UC san diego. henrik Christensen. Robots in a post COVID society.

Robotics and AI – post covid 19 – a world perspective. What did covid 19 give to the world when it comes to robotics/ automation/ ai?  Some of the mega trends Henrik I Christensen will cover in his talk are: Logistics, tele robotics, automated screening of samles, food/ item security, cleaning & disinfection, lact of migrant workforce, changing trace-dynamic, mass customization and urbanization/ aging society.

Henrik Christensen will attend virtually because of Covid 19

15.50 - 16.00

Introduction to ASTA and Linc project

We will get a short intro to the new Autonomous Systems Test Arena ASTA ( see a 5 min video about it presented by Associate professor Matteo Fumagalli) and there will be a 5 min presentation of the autonomous Linc bus project. The LINC project is one of the largest Danish project regarding self-driving shuttles and brings together important players from municipalities, private businesses and universities to test driverless shuttles in a natural setting.
ASTA: DTU offers a world-class integrated infrastructure for testing cutting edge innovations and new knowledge for ground, aerial and marine autonomous systems. The facility is the hub where research, innovation and education meet with industry to trigger new scientific questions, foster take-up of scientific advancements, develop industry-academia collaborations and provide means for testing and demonstrating innovations in the field of autonomous systems.
LINC: The LINC project is one of the largest Danish projects regarding self-driving shuttles and brings together important players from municipalities, private businesses and universities to test driverless shuttles in a natural setting.   

16.00 - 16.30

Visit the new autonomous systems test arena at dtu or try an autonomous bus Linc

From 4 PM you are wellcome to visit the new Autonomous Systems Test Arena at DTU that opened last year during Covid 10. Christian Andersen will introduce you to the building on an ad hoc basis – he will tell about the site and you can ask questions. If you prefer you can also be shown the way to where the Linc autonomous bus is driving and get a tour. There is room for 10 persons in each bus and they arrive every 15 minutes outside Building 101.
We will show you the way when we finish at 4PM – either to ASTA or to Linc bus.

ASTA is one of few places in the world where robots in the air, on the ground and underwater can be tested in the same building.


End of the day

”See you in Oticon hall at DTU"

Oticon Hall at DTU 2021

Looking forward to seeing you on site post covid 19 

How do we want to live with robots. This and many more questions will be tried answered at RoboInsights September 15 th 2021

Program subject to change

Are you interested in speaking?

If you are interested in speaking, please contact Marianne Andersen ma@roboinsights.com – we are especially interested in cases: where is the technology being used and what are the good/ challenging stories to tell.


15. September 2021
9:00 - 23:59
Free – DKK350
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Oticon salen, DTU, Kongens Lyngby Denmark


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