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Business Development & NEW Technology: Automation, Education, Health- and Eldercare, Maritime, Social Robots

The aim of RoboInsights is to support industry, investors and end-users working towards using technology to create a better world.

We create the environment where you can get updated as to what is going on in technology, to be inspired by others that have worked with it for a while, to learn from others failures and challenges and to network for you to profit from robotics solutions.


RoboInsights is an international event made for end-users, business leaders, decision makers and developers who want to learn how robotics is transforming business and society.

Business is changing quickly and you need to be on top of it to drive innovation and transformation. RoboInsights empowers attendees to build relationships, solve challenges and embrace new ideas that can be used to achieve growth. Today’s business owners must know how to use robotics as a new revenue opportunity including new business models.

Can you contribute to the industry’s knowledge about the growth of cutting edge technology and how to develop a successful implementation? Do you have an interesting and challenging case that you would want to present/ share at the conference? We encourage you to share your insights.

Slots of each 20-30 minutes in length in major themes: Life Science, Education, Automation/ Industry 4.0, Social Robots and Maritime.

Keys to Being Selected to Speak

As a speaker, you’ll:


Send us an email with your name and position, email, suggestion and a short CV to Marianne Andersen:

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