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RoboInsights conference 2023

September 21 - 9:00 - 13:00

Free – 100,00DKK

RoboInsights conference 2023

September 21th - 2023

Program 2023 is under development. Any questions: Contact  Marianne Andersen ma@roboinsights.com

SEptember 21th 2023 - Robotics and AI. From Research to Society

8.30 - 9.00

Coffee, Croisant, networking - doors open

9.00 - 9.15

Welcome. Introduction. Roberto Galeazzi

10.00 - 10.10

anders Bjarklev. President DTU

Importance of diversity in Robotics and AI. Research and Society – in close cooperation.

10.10 - 10.40

Margrethe Vestager. Commissioner for competition and executive vice-president of the european commission

Artificial Intelligence is bringing great benefits to our lives, and we’ve only seen the beginning of it. As we speak, it is saving lives thanks to better diagnosis. It is contributing to deliver on our Green Deal by helping farmers to optimise their resources. It is even supporting engineers to rebuild the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. The potential is enormous. Those examples illustrate what we want AI in Europe to be: a force for progress. To make that possible, we need to build trust in AI systems.We can only reap the full benefits of AI’s societal and economic potential if we trust we can mitigate the associated risks. So our proposed legal framework doesn’t look at AI technology itself. Instead, it looks at how AI is used, and what for. Because an ecosystem of trust goes hand in hand with an ecosystem of excellence. So the Commission’s proposal for regulation, on the one hand, addresses the human and societal risks associated with specific uses of AI. This is to create trust. On the other hand, our coordinated plan outlines the necessary steps that Member States should take to boost investments and innovation. To guarantee excellence. All this, to ensure that we strengthen the uptake of AI across Europe.

10.40 - 11.00


4 startups at any level: from early development to growth stage

Tommy Ertbølle. AgriRobot. The number of agricultural robots is growing fast to solve the problem of labor shortage and increasing demand for sustainable food production for a growing world population. AgriRobot helps your new or existing agricultural self-propelled vehicle to become autonomous, without the need for an operator to continuously monitor the robot in the field.

Sara Lopez. Yuman. Addressing one of the major challenges facing healthcare: the nursing shortage. The goal of Yuman is to free up nurses from simple but time-consuming tasks so they can focus instead on care tasks that require a human touch. To achieve this, Yuman create innovative robots that assist nurses as “transport buddies” that can automate the transport of food, medicine and laundry in hospital wards. They are addressing robotics from a fresh and innovative perspective, developing a solution that can solve real problems and help improve everyone’s lives in collaboration with nurses and different Danish Hospitals.

Ulrik Max Nielsen. Plan2Fly is a plug and play solution that gather and facilitate all processes related to a drone task in one place – from planning to implementing to after work with drone data. The platform makes it easy to use drone technology even if you have no knowledge or experience with drone technology. Whether you are a dealer, you buy drone services, or if you are a drone pilot or a freelance data worker, all processes are automised into one platform så that there are experts in all parts of the work process. Plan2Fly connects all partners and makes it possible for the customer only with few click to order a product which normally needs coordinating with several partners and is time consuming. It is an easy ( API) integrable solution for all businesses that wish increased digitalization.

Cristina Andersson. Airawise Oy offers a tool, that works for managing sustainable development even in a small company. With it, sustainable development can be compared, managed and developed. In addition, the results of the tool can be used in tenders, customer relations, supplier chain evaluations, and financing and investor matters.

11.00 - 11.25

Coffee/ tea - Networking

- 11.50

Debate: Bias and technology

Participants: Irina Shklovski, more to come

How innovation and technological produce can be representative of all in society? How to include diversity in the development of new technology and move away from “the Default Male” and biased perspectives? These questions will set the tone for the session and uncover solutions, ways and methods for inclusive technological advancements benefiting all, and not only the half of the population.

Moderator: Inese Podgaiska from Association of Nordic Engineers 

11.50 - 12.20

Stephanie Hare. Technology is not neutral

It seems that just about every new technology that we bring to bear on improving our lives brings with it some downside, side effect or unintended consequence.These issues can pose very real and growing ethical problems for all of us. For example, automated facial recognition can make life easier and safer for us – but it also poses huge issues with regard to privacy, ownership of data and even identity theft. How do we understand and frame these debates, and work out strategies at personal and governmental levels?Technology Is Not Neutral: A Short Guide to Technology Ethics addresses one of today’s most pressing problems: how to create and use tools and technologies to maximize benefits and minimize harms?Drawing on the author’s experience as a technologist, political risk analyst and historian, the book offers a practical and cross-disciplinary approach that will inspire anyone creating, investing in or regulating technology, and it will empower all readers to better hold technology to account. Stephanie Hare is the author of Technology is not neutral.

12.20 - 12.30

Lazaros Nalpantidis. Professor.
DTU´s focus on autonomous systems & Introduction to ASTAs

DTU is gathering its research competences in robotics, AI, perception and telecommunication to pave the way towards the Autonomous Systems in the future. In this talk, Lazaros will present how DTU is pushing the boundaries of research ( multiple ambitious research projects and a dedicated DTU Centre for Collaborative Autonomous Systems), education ( new MSc in Autonomous Systems) and state-of-the-art facilities ( DTU Autonomous Systems Test Arena – one of 3 in the world for robots in the air, on the ground and under water) to realize the full potential of autonomous systems for the benefit of a more sustainable and human-friendly society.

We will get a short intro to the new Autonomous Systems Test Arena ASTA ( 5 min video about it presented by Associate professor Matteo Fumagalli)

ASTA: DTU offers a world-class integrated infrastructure for testing cutting edge innovations and new knowledge for ground, aerial and marine autonomous systems. The facility is the hub where research, innovation and education meet with industry to trigger new scientific questions, foster take-up of scientific advancements, develop industry-academia collaborations and provide means for testing and demonstrating innovations in the field of autonomous systems.

12.30 - 13.00

Visit the new autonomous systems test arena at dtu

From 12.30 PM you are wellcome to visit the new Autonomous Systems Test Arena at DTU that opened in the autumn 2020. Christian Andersen will introduce you to the building – he will tell about the site and you can ask questions.
We will show you the way when we finish – to ASTA. ASTA is one of few places in the world where robots in the air, on the ground and underwater can be tested in the same building


End of the day

”See you in Oticon hall at DTU"

Oticon Hall at DTU 2022

Looking forward to seeing you on site

How do we want to live with robots. This and many more questions will be tried answered at RoboInsights September 23th 2022

Program subject to change

Are you interested in speaking?

If you are interested in speaking, please contact Marianne Andersen ma@roboinsights.com – we are especially interested in cases: where is the technology being used and what are the good/ challenging stories to tell.


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September 21
9:00 - 13:00
Free – 100,00DKK


Oticon salen, DTU, Kongens Lyngby Denmark


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