Our mission and the team

Our vision and Mission


We want a future where the gab between developers and users of new technology is reduced. We want practical implementation of UN´s Global Goals in relation to the development of new technological inventions and we want both women and men to become interested in new technology so that a diverse group of users are inspired and interested in new technology. This way women that are underrepresented in technology will be part of developing future tech and the talent pool will increase by including women.


We create a space where technologists and users of technology can meet and have an open dialogue about the needs, the use, concerns and development of new technology. This happens at events that are build around speakers, debates, exhibitions and pitchfires by startups. RoboInsights is where researchers and users of technology meet in open dialogue with the user at the centre.  

We want to show what is coming and raise the questions and discuss openly how we assure the shift is done in a human way where ethics and technology come together to make the world a better place.



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