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Event in Elsinore

11. September 2019 - 9:00 - 16:30

Free – 320DKK

Fremtidens jobs/ The jobs of the future

How does the future jobs look like?

Do you want to get insights into new technology including robots, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, biotechnology etc? Do you want more knowledge about new technologies and how they continous to get into our lifes: privately as well as in business? What are robots used for today? How can you be in China, USA and Denmark to meetings the same day? How can robotics and artificial intelligence be used to help patients and elderly, sich people or children who cannot go to school? What is artificial intelligence? How easy is it to program a robot? What is meant by Life Long Learning. Should we fear new technology or embrace it? New in 2019 is biotechnology and how technology is used within this area. Have anyone today placed a human embryo into a monkey? If so, where – and is this ok? New technology is coming… and is entering our lifes rapidly– whether we like it or not. How do we want to live with the it? That´s the question. Get an update from experts within different areas. It will be possible to ask questions to the speakers after the presentation.

Included in the ticket is a voucher for “Street Market” next to hall 21a. The voucher covers food and not drink. Also included in coffee/ tea served in the afternoon.



  • Where are we today and what new opportunities are the future bringing?
  • Cases showing examples of the use of new technology including robots
  • Exhibition of selected new technology
  • Speakers:
    Preben Hjørnet. Open Robotics  The sustainable path for a better world.
    According to Preben the movement is on and it is going to impact everyone inside and outside the robotics world. The equivalent to the tech driven 3D printing open framework community is emerging within the robotics space. It's the single most significant trend and its going to democratize robotics, and tare down the walls and grant access to a much broader community in exploring and utilizing robotics seamlessly in their work. Who are the victims, who are the beneficiaries, who is driving, what spaces are expected to be the frontiers and how far are we in transition towards of open robotics? Preben will ask the questions and with his extensive experience give his point of view.
    Morten Jacobsen. Skolen ved Nordens Plads: Use of new technology as a teacher - with focus on children with special needs.
    Cristina Andersson. Sharing experience from Finland about implementation of robotics and artificial intelligence in healthcare, eldercare and education.
    Claus Christoffersen: Wellcome to Elsinore
    Per Sjobörg has interviewed most people known in the world of robotics - Per will give insights as to what is happening in the world and into what direction we are going - should we be afraid of robots? Will they take over our jobs?
    Roberto Galeazzi works at Danish Technological University as an associate professor in automation and control: Roberto will share with us that while Industry 4.0 is still unfolding, a new technological revolution is already at the horizon that will reshape the whole society as we know it today.
    Aseem Prakash is a world's leading AI business strategist. He works at Center for Innovating the Future in Toronto, Canada. He coined the word, ALGOTIENTTM. Aseem specializes in making organizations and its leaders competitive for the new algorithmic age. (Websites: Algotient.com and InnovatingFuture.com). Aseem Prakash will share thoughts on Coexisting With Robots. 
    Teodor Petrov has a background in architecture and robotics. He will talk about the fusion of architecture, robotics and computation and how this creates a platform for new innovative ideas and change the architecture and construction industri we know today.
    Jennifer Faridi. Data Scientist at Criterion. What is artificial intelligence and how is it used today? Should we be afraid of what is coming in the future?
    Carin B. Warming: Will talk about Digital transformation strategies and how they can not stand alone, if a company truly wants to master the art of radical innovation and corporate disruption. It has so little to do with technology and so much to do with people. The battle for attention and the right capabilities has begun!

    Majken Overgaard will present Catch. Catch is a center for art, design and technology launched by Elsinore Municipality in 2017 with the aim to attract and promote innovation, creative entrepreneurship and education. Catch is located at the Culture Yard near the harbour where they have established a co-working space and a makerspace.
    Miranda Harck is introducing biotechnology at RoboInsights which is about new technology - In a world with growing population and changing climate, we need new ways to produce fuel and food. Biotechnology offers promising solutions to many of the challenges humanity is facing. Miranda will give a short introduction to biotechnology and also ask some of the relevant questions regarding ethics.  

    Nils ElmarkSuccessful implementation of robots is not about replacing people with intelligent machinery. It’s about dreaming new dreams, redesigning entire industries, inventing new business models and creating a new digital economy – perhaps even based on crypto currencies.

    Marianne Andersen will give an introduction to Robotics.

    9.00-9.20 Wellcome and an intro to Robotics market. Marianne Andersen
    9.20-9.50 Where are we going in the world? Per Sjöborg via Skype New tech within biotechnology. Miranda Harck
    10.10-10.30 What is Catch. Majken Overgaard
    10.30-11.00 Industry 4.0. Roberto Galeazzi
    11.00-11.30 Open Robotics - The sustainable path for a better world. Preben Hjørnet
    11.30-12.00 Architecture, robotics and computation. Teodor Petrov
    12.00-13.00 Lunch at Street Market ( Voucher to street food market part of ticket. Food but not drink)
    13.00-13.30 Robotics and AI in wellfare. Finland experience. Cristina Andersson
    13.30-14.00 Children with special needs. Morten Jacobsen
    14.00-14.05 Wellcome to Elsinore. Claus Christoffersen Life Long Learning. Helle Rootzén
    14.30-15.00 Coffee/ tea break ( included in ticket)
    15.00-15.25 Artificial intelligence. Jennifer Faridi
    15.25-15.40 Digital Transformation or Radical Innovation. Brain Pain or Brain Gain. Carin B. Warming
    15.40-16.00 New Business Models. Nils Elmark
    16.00-16.25 Coexisting With Robots. Aseem Prakash via Skype The future. Marianne Andersen

    Program timing: +/- 5 minutes and Subject to change in case something unexpected happen
Street Market next to hall 21a. Shipyard. Elsinore

Who should attend

 Everybody who wishes to see how new technology can be used and how parts of our society already now are using it. The event is for associations, people who want to be inspired, people who are interested in how society changes these days when new technology is becoming a larger part of everybody´s life. From Elsinore municipality, North Zealand, Greater Copenhagen to the world. The event language is English and all speakers will work on speaking in a non academic, easy to understand language. Our goal is to share knowledge and insights about new technology in society and to minimize the gab from academia to outside academia.  

Robots are coming – whether we like it or not. How do we want to live with the robots? That´s the question. Get an update from experts within different areas. It will be possible to ask questions to the speakers after the presentation.

Morten Jacobsen will share with us the experience he has had introducing telepresence for one of his studens with special needs. A real life story that will touch everybody: Yusef and how he gets to school even though he must not get out of his home…



Cristina Andersson

Master in robots

Morten Jacobson

Morten Jacobsen

School at Nordens Plads


Claus christoffersen

Show Mayor of Elsinore

Roberto Galeazzi

Roberto Galeazzi

Associate Professor in Automation and Control at Technical University of Denmark

Per Sjöborg

Per Sjoborg

Founder of Aptomica, Host of Robots in Depth

Jennifer Faridi

Jennifer Faridi

Data scientist. Criterion

Helle Rootzén

Helle Rootzén

Professor at Technical University of DenmarK COMPUTE. Head of LearnT

Teodor Petrov

Teodor Petrov

TLP Robotics Research Hub

Aseem Prakash

AI business strategist.
Center for Innovating the future

Aseem Prakash

Preben Hjørnet

Open Robotica


Majken Overgaard

Program Manager. Catch


Carin b. Warming

Prof. Disruptor and Brain Coach, CEO @ DisruptivePro ApS


Marianne Andersen

BSc, eMBA CoInsights. High5girls


Miranda harck


Nils Elmark

Nils elmark

Founder and CEO of Incepcion Ltd


Tickets are not available as this event has passed.


11. September 2019
9:00 - 16:30
Free – 320DKK
Event Category:


Skibshallerne, Hall 21a


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