RoboInsights 2023: Diversity, Ethics and Tech Delights

Your Conference Experience:

Immerse yourself in a transformative one-day event in Copenhagen on September 21. Engage with curious minds, pioneering tech users, developers, engineers, scientists, and investors. Brace for thought-provoking discussions, visionary keynotes, and unparalleled networking opportunities.

In the ever-advancing landscape of Robotics and AI, a critical concern has emerged – the issues of diversity and bias. As these technologies become increasingly integrated into our lives, the lack of diversity in both development teams and the data they learn from can lead to biased outcomes.
This perpetuates disparities and questions the fairness of these advancements. Delve into this year’s conference theme that unravels the interplay of these problems within the domain of Robotics and AI, discloses their implications and explores potential solutions that foster inclusivity, fair representation and unbiased decision-making.

What awaits you: Program and speakers

  • Delve into the profound impact of technology, understanding its non-neutrality and actionable steps. Gain insights from Stephanie Hare, a renowned political risk analyst and historian, who will empower you to hold technology accountable.

  • Join the ultimate panel on smashing biases and embracing diversity in tech. Meet Ansgar Koene, a Global Ethics and Regulatory Leader, and Irina Shklovski, a renowned Professor of Communication and Computing.

  • Explore the transformative potential of accessible tech for individuals with special needs. Morten Jacobsen’s stories highlight the essential journey from innovation to inclusivity.

  • Unveil the secrets of securing funding for your innovative ideas by engaging with dynamic workshops led by experienced investors.

  • At RoboInsights, diversity is not just a topic – it’s our commitment. Witness a conference where 50% of speakers are female.

Why You Shouldn't Miss This Opportunity

  • Elevate your understanding of cutting-edge technological advancements and have a voice in debate around the creation of an inclusive and ethical technological future.

  • Engage with global experts and visionaries who are at the forefront of reshaping technology’s role in society.

  • Connect with some all-around amazing human beings, including curious students, tech enthusiasts, idea generators, scientists, and visionary thought leaders.

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Unlock invaluable insights, network with industry pioneers, and contribute to the conversation shaping our technological future.



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Partner alongside us to showcase your unwavering commitment to a brighter technological future.

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